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Disc Jockey Service

Okay, let’s talk about music!


These days every song in the world is available to anyone in the world with the click of a button. So why is it important to have a professional disk jockey perform the music at your event? The answer is quite simple really, its timing! Believe it or not; there IS a wrong time to play the right song.


Obviously even the best timing in the world won’t help if one is not playing the right music. The right music depends on a lot of things. That’s why you will work closely with your Central Coast Memory Makers disk jockey to create a custom playlist specifically for your event. Special attention will be paid to the demographics of your guests, your special needs and desires, and, of course, the timeline and flow of the music for your event. In fact, if you are in need a special re-mix or would like to create a special edit for your event your Central Coast Memory Makers disk jockey will be more than pleased to create exactly what you desire.


Finally, the announcements! We’ve all seen that “Lemme Hear You Say Yeah!” DJ at some point in our lives and, if that’s what you’re looking for then, by all means, we can do that for you. However, if having the good sense to not disrupt your event is important to you then Central Coast Memory Makers is for you! Our disc jockeys will NEVER make unscheduled announcements. We are happy to engage your guests as much or as little as you prefer but you decide who and what goes over the microphones!


So for the best from Abba to Zappa, with titles from every genre of music, and professional presenters that will make your event a memorable one, choose a Central Coast Memory Maker disk jockey!


Click here to see Central Coast Memory Makers infinite selection of songs for your event. In fact you can custom choose “must play” and “do not play” songs for your event. Make sure that you save your session and come back to your list as often as you like before your event. When you’re ready, with the click of the mouse, your Central Coast Memory Makers DJ will receive your selections and set an appointment to fine tune your list and synchronize it with your timeline.

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